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We didn't crash the server

Note: This was performed at the RustFest Zurich 2017 to the tune of “We didn’t start the fire”. I first planned to use a song unrelated to Rust, but then decided to at least finish half a related song to perform. Consider this my R.E.S.F. application

With deepest apologies to Billy Joel

Stack overflow, CVE,
issue closed with “works for me”
Half the code exterts UB
NSA concurs

Our code is plenty fast
Russian hackers have a blast
heartbleed, cloudbleed,
Daily it gets worse.

dangling ref and corrupt heap,
zero cost is pretty cheap,
Livelock, deadlock,
dirty cow, shellshock

systemd lies on the floor
hackers declare cyberwar
breakage much worse than before
I can’t take it anymore!

R: We didn’t crash the daemon
it was always broken since the lang’s been spoken
We didn’t crash the daemon
since we cannot fight it
let’s in Rust rewrite it!

Stay tuned for an encore at next RustFest Paris 2018