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Rust 2020 – More Or Less

The Rust team asked for 2020 roadmap blog posts, so here goes:

Let’s do more of what we’ve been doing so far.

More fixes, more optimizations. More research on what interesting effects we can create by combining existing language features. More (and more diverse) teams. More doc improvements. More blogs showing off cool things. More help for project maintainers and contributors. More review. More mentors. More meetups. More books. More async. More target platforms. More stabilizations. More completing unfinished features. More accessibility. More crates. More jobs. More Rustaceans!

Let’s also do less.

Less snark against other languages. Less RFCs. Less drinking-from-the-firehose discussions. Less unsafe. Less unsoundness. Less ICEs. Less wasted disk space. Less empty or unmaintained crates. Less dogma. Less jargon. Less gatekeeping. Less blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Less fear mongering, even from yours truly. Less using Rust to do the wrong thing, safely.